special projects

Special projects

The Pianoduo Gerwig & González is seeking social engagement in countries and communities where music is still a privilege for few ones. They have visited conservatories and schools, where few teachers with very little knowledge of music do wonderful work for their community. Christine and Efraín have given workshops and lessons to enforce their commitment to music education. They have played concerts on very simple pianos or even electronic keyboards, where even a piano was impossible to find, in order to motivate people to live their passion for music and to dedicate themselves to music and education, even if it is difficult. Visiting schools, where children could listen to classical music for the first time in their live and meeting their wonderful culture in exchange has been a unique experience. In order to be able to do that Christine and Efraín have been lucky to find some private sponsorship by crowdfunding or in some cases even governmental support to be able to go and visit these communities.

The Pianoduo is planning to do more projects in the future, when travelling will be possible again.


If you are a (music) institution interested, in having the Pianoduo in your place, in order to teach, play and meet people please don’t hesitate to contact us!


If you want to support our commitment with sponsorship or even a small amount please don’t hesitate to contact us!


If you want to share ideas about social projects in your country, we would love to hear them!


“We have been very lucky to meet a lot of wonderful people who helped us to do the projects and to meet wonderful people in different places who have been a great inspiration to us.“

We would like to thank:

Prof. Dr. Anastasia Lauterbach

Krish Kupathil

Secretaría de cultura de Michoacán

Instituto de Bellas Artes Pátzcuaro

Conservatorio de las Rosas

Centro Nacional de las Artes, México

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory

Abishek Badra

Andreas Khanal

Ana Maria Ruano Hurtado

Secretaría de Cultura del Estado de México

Conservatorio de Música del Estado de México

Redlands Bowl

Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas