online lessons and master class FR

Online Lessons

If you like the way we and our students perform and you don’t live nearby you might want to take individual lessons via videocall. Do you already have a teacher and are happy with him/her? No problem, with our online lessons you can learn new techniques to improve faster with your live teacher as a complementary valuable information for your piano playing. Are you not happy anymore with your live teacher or do you have the feeling you want to learn more? A different or new point of view? Students can start lessons with us on a regular basis and study with us as their only teacher.

There is always the question: What is better? A not so good live teacher or a good online teacher? What does it mean to be a good teacher? A lot of parents might ask themselves, if it means that a student has a good teacher, because he or she wins competitions, or because a student plays very difficult repertoire. Is the child playing correctly and healthy in order to be a good pianist or piano player when he or she grows up? If a child does not win competitions, does that mean, he or she has a bad teacher, doesn’t practise enough or that he or she is not talented enough? Why usually students do not like to practise? We would love to give you answers to your questions!

Due to the covid-19 pandemia online lessons have become more popular and realistic and opened the door for piano lessons with any teacher in any part of the world. Years ago that was not a real option for many families and now there is a chance to discover new horizons in piano learning. Our online lessons can be on a regular basis, if you want one of us to be your child’s regular teacher, or a unique lesson from time to time. Please contact us if you are interested!

Due to Covid-19 we have improved our technical equipment for online lessons. We use microphones of high quality, an audio interface, and a headset with a Mac computer. In our studio we teach on a Bechstein Grandpiano.

We teach in English, German French, Italian and Spanish.

Master Class

We have been taking pedagogy to a new level of art of teaching. Having been in contact to very different cultural and individual understanding of pedagogy, we have achieved a completely new approach that applies with students of nearly any age (since the age of 3). A teacher has to deal with parents and students of very different cultural background and due to that with very diverse ambition. Although there is a wide range between „happy, my child plays a few notes with one finger for fun once a week“ and „only satisfied if my child wins international competitions“ we have been able to manage to a golden way of dealing with that.

We offer Masterclasses to individual students as well as to conservatories, universities or any institution of musical instruction. For students any age we offer Masterclasses where we show and explain properly, healthy and efficient piano technique, interpretation, style, musical knowledge and many other things you need to play well in order to be successful and happy with music.

Masterclass for teachers can be a wonderful way of learning a new approach of teaching, piano practising and interpretation to improve their teaching skills with their students. Many teachers ask us not only about pianistic techniques, but also about pedagogical techniques to teach very small children at the age of 3 or 4. We offer live and online Masterclasses to state and private music schools worldwide.

If you want to learn more about the Art of Pianoduo a Pianoduo Masterclass would be a perfect way to learn more about it and to go very deeply into a special repertoire (for example: We have been working on the Mozart Concerto for two pianos with 14 year old twin sisters who would make their orchestral debut with that concerto).

If you have a private music school or you are the director of a state conservatory and you are interested in a Masterclass for your students or teachers, don’t hesitate to contact us!